Standard Recruitment Service

Standard Recruitment is where most of our work is undertaken. This is the classic “Contingency Recruitment” model whereby Harvard assumes the risk but as a result the reward / fees are highest.


This is a fully end-to-end managed process. Harvard Consultants will take a full brief from you as a client to fully understand not just the role, but also the correct candidate fit. From there the consultant will hand it across to our First-Class resourcing team; they create dynamic, attention grabbing advertisements and we then publish these across all of the channels available to us. At the same time the Resourcing Team will start to search all of our databases and known candidates to source the best available.


The Resourcing Team then hand the most appropriate candidates across to the consultant who then contacts each potential candidate to qualify suitability. A shortlist (size agreed at time of instruction) is then presented to the client, often face to face, to discuss & draw up an interview shortlist.


At this stage our consultant will endeavour to meet those candidates being interviewed face to face. In fact we try to meet as many candidates as possible face to face as we strongly believe in the personal touch here.


Your Harvard consultant will then work with you to manage the interview process.


Often making the Offer is where the recruitment process is most fraught and can inexplicably collapse. Our consultants are highly experienced in managing this process and spotting potential issues before they arise. The fact that we have built a level of relationship with the candidate helps massively when transitioning through the most emotional part of the process.


Once the offer has been accepted your Harvard consultant will continue to manage any additional client or candidate requirements right up to their Start Date (and often beyond!)


This service comes with a rebate period as we are confident that we will place the right candidate for your role!