Senior Appointments

Backed up by our team of highly experienced associates, John and Mike head up Harvard’s Senior appointment recruitment division. With an ability to provide our skill set across most platforms and industry sectors, our approach to senior recruitment puts the candidates within the executive, leadership and management tiers at the heart of any assignment.


Harvard fully understands the subtleties of working with senior candidates and their particular needs from a recruitment firm. We are confident in recognising when to apply the necessary ‘light touch’ approach and enjoy working very closely with each and every candidate and honing our levels of consulting to their individual needs and personality.


At Senior level recruitment, Harvard fully recognises our role in a successful hire; we work hard to help grow the relationship between potential employee and hiring organisation, recognising we are employed to provide a supporting role in the process. We work with utter discretion and confidentiality and recognise the need for precise and professional communication at every stage.