John Matthews

A Co-Founder of The Harvard Group and Harvard Associates John holds the role of CEO for Group. He is also responsible for the day to day operations of Harvard Sports Management.


An experienced Managing Director providing strong leadership and strategic direction, across both SME and large corporate organisations.

Over the last 15 years, his senior management positions and experience has extended internationally, including UK, USA, mainland Europe and India. In more recent years, John has successfully managed high growth SMEs within the technology sector, delivering growth through mergers and acquisitions, and ultimately taking those companies to market.

The Harvard Group management team consists of highly experienced Directors and investment partners that provide interim management and NED guidance to SMEs and FTSE 500 companies.

John’s strengths, and enjoyment, lie in creating strong management structures and in the subsequent leadership of those teams to deliver high growth within high performing companies.

Alongside his work within the Harvard Group, John has taken on NED roles in the telecoms, fitness and retail industry.


John enjoys Iron Man Triathlon events and can regularly be found pounding the streets!