Interim and Contractor Recruitment

By its very nature this type of recruitment usually requires a quick turnaround to get the right contractor in place. Here at Harvard Associates we have a strong network of interim/contract workers that we can source for temporary assignments to cover project work or to fill a gap whilst you search for the perfect permanent employee.


We provide experienced specialists to execute the most complex assignments where skills may not exist within an organisation or the current span of skills is stretched beyond capacity. Our consulting teams specialise across a range of disciplines including the provision of contract executives in finance, human resources, technology, supply chain/procurement and sales & marketing.


Contractors: Why use Harvard Associates?

Contracting through Harvard Associates is a positive option for many individuals who have developed a depth and breadth in their professional specialisation. It may be something to consider if the right permanent opportunity hasn’t materialised or where the opportunity exists to leverage your accumulated expertise within organisations that are in need of additional executive resource. Being an contractor can often provide you with a professional edge as you gain exposure to a variety of organisations, sectors, technologies and commercial challenges .


Clients: Why use Harvard Associates?

Our contractors are a key asset to companies and organisations throughout the UK. They often take up prominent and influential executive roles with some of the countries most recognised & respected employers providing them with:


  • Fixed period access to expertise as and when required
  • The ability to have experts on board to optimise growth or fight off contraction
  • Skills to manage complex commercial projects where no internal expertise exists
  • Capability to oversee ‘cross discipline’ professional teams in delivering scaled change projects
  • Objective advice to assess the challenge and execute the solution
  • Acceleration in an existing project that has lost momentum
  • An immediate solution where there has been a sudden departure of an executive or the search process is taking longer than expected